The Perfect Pitch

Amped Lead generation is built to bring synergy to the business world. For example, If someone is searching for homes online, it is likely they are searching mortgage lenders, and furniture at the same time. What we do at Amped is find people online based on their IP search history that meet our criteria, and we hit them with Facebook, Instagram, and Google adds. They are more likely to click on the add as they have been searching Real Estate, Mortgage, and furniture online. We then capture their data with a form fill they complete. We then send that lead to a Lender Partner, and Realtor in their area.

Once the Lead is sent to the Amped partner it is automated in The Amped Database Management CRM and we trigger Voice Drops, Text, and emails. We place them on a 1 year automation asking them to contact us to get started. It is a full service platform that eliminates anyone falling through the cracks. In some cities we get up to 84% contact after the algorithm is perfected as more data is recorded.

It can take up to 30 plus contacts with a lead to get a reply. We have perfected the wording and sales pitch to get results. When you have the agent and the Loan Officer working together it makes a dangerous combination of attack.

We have just entered into Lead Generation for Chronic Pain such as spine, hips, knees, and neck. This is a combination of Massage Therapy, Cryo Therapy, Acupuncture, Chiropractor, Pain Management Doctors, Physical Therapy, Plasma or PRP Injections (Stem Cell), and others. We then place them in the CRM platform and trigger the 1 year automation and place them with the appropriate Amped Partner in their area.

When doing SEO and online Lead Generation it is key to have a blanket of websites ready to grab anyone looking for information on a certain subject. We average 100 websites per city or area for each type of lead generation we target. It is a solid platform geared to dominate an area with massive volume. We crank up the volume to its max potential, and every month it just gets better and better.

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