Marketing in the 21st Year of the Millennium

As someone in sales it is imperative to always be ahead of the competition in your marketing tactics. The first impression is always the most important, and in today’s world that means your digital online presence is ever most important.  You must make sure your first hello is impressive and up to date. Here are some tips specifically for the mortgage and real estate world. In a sales environment predominantly surviving on self-generated leads your digital presence is not just a great idea, but it is a necessary one. We will discuss a few important areas that you need to pay immediate attention to.

Consistently Review Your Hello

          Your digital imprint is not something you can leave to chance. Make sure it is ALWAYS up to date. This means a recent picture! Do not try to use your high school picture you use on Fakebook. Make sure you hire a professional photographer to take an amazing picture that represents the amazing sales professional they will meet when you close the deal to meet and sell them a new home or show them how you will get them approved on their dream home. Make sure your contact information is correct on your website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and any other social media vehicle you utilize. We of course recommend you use them all or hire a professional marketing or PR firm to do it for you. It is also very important you have your business listed on as many listing and review sites as possible, such as Google maps, Google listings, Yelp, The Better Business Bureau, Bing, Yellow Pages, Super Pages, or even some lesser-known arenas like Local FX, SiteJabber, OpenTable, or Manta.

The Automation Labyrinth

The key to consistent growth, and customer contact is the use of a great CRM that utilizes today’s preferred mediums of contact. If you are still trying to win using the 1990 breakthrough of email automation, you must as well try snail mail as well. In order to compete in 2021 and beyond you must have a modern CRM system that utilizes text, voice drop, and if at all possible, video. Saying hello with a two-page email that was obviously created by a company, and not you simply will not get the job done. When was the last time you actually read one of those yourself? Exactly! So, get with the program, or should I say find the right programmed CRM that is primed and ready to deliver actual results instead of just giving you a nice warm feeling that you have a system that reached out to your past clients that they never read or even appreciated. Now let’s look at those new clients you were about to lose, because they got a text and voice drop from your competitor. Do not let that happen. It’s time to update your automation machine to the new age if you have not already.

The Social Media Marketing Machine

Social media is a must in the real estate and mortgage world. Facebook revolutionized the marketing arena by allowing free and consistent branding for anyone looking to grow their business. Realtors can post listings, open houses, showcase recent contracts landed to show they are a successful professional, and the lender can showcase new products, low rates, market trends, or also the recent closing they took to the closing table. It is also a great medium to help market your business partners. It is always better to have a congrats from your lender for another client getting the keys to their new home on your page, or a realtor thanking the lender for a fast and easy closing. Twitter has also provided a nice place to share great success stories.

Another great aspect of social media marketing is the ads management systems they now all provide. It is cheap and easy to use. You can choose the demographic you want to target and spend as little as a dollar a day if you like. As you grow your business you can increase your ad spend to your desired income level and workload. That is, of course, as long as you handled the above marketing tips we provided.